Saturday, December 27, 2008

In Our Rags Of Light

Goodbye, 2008.

I'll remember you as the year in which I got my first full-time job since working at Rainbow Media (ie: Cablevision), the final months of which the next great depression to sweep across the world began (or was at least finally acknowledged by the media) and, of course, the year in which the loudest outcry against tyranny was delivered via a pair of shoes launched at G. W. Bush at a press conference he had no right being at in the first place.

Fuck you, G. W. There's nothing I would have enjoyed more than seeing you leave office with the literal black eye you've symbollically inflicted on America for the last eight years. Hopefully the next shoe tosser will be blessed with better aim.

Hello, 2009.

Looking forward to attempting posting to this blog on a more regular basis. Looks like my last entry was around May 2006. I'll see if I can manage to wrestle my thoughts down onto the ether once a week instead of once every two years.

One more distraction from all the work I've been doing? I hope not. If anything, I'm hoping that having this sacred little place where I can gather my thoughts, organize them into semi-coherent sentences and share them with whomever is bored enough to visit this secret blog will help keep me on the path towards the goals I've set for myself this year.

As of right now, the stated goals are:

1.) Finish writing a script for the first time in like, let's see now.... five years or so?

2.) Finish editing, scoring and doing whatever else needs to be done to reconstitute my senior thesis film from college ("dB") into a viewable, stand-alone film (and yes, I can say "film" because it was shot on 16mm celluloid).

3.) Create an entire CD of modular music that I can hand out to people by next holiday season (not that anyone will actually want to listen to it, mind you...).

4.) Do my first live, solo "music" performance with my modular equipment in a public space (to be determined). Because it's no fun masturbating alone.

5.) Related to the above, also reunite my bandmates from Geek Messiah to do our first public performance as a group for the first time in over 20 years. Because all of us masturbating in front of other people would be tons of fun!

6.) Get back to creating Mondo Modular episodes for youtube. The goal this year: eight new episodes. I have no idea as to why that many episodes and especially no idea as to what the point is in doing them in the first place (besides the fact that they're fun to do).

7.) Oh, what the heck -- maybe it's time to make another movie. Hopefully from that script I'm gonna try and finish before the summer begins (ie: by the end of May).

8.) Cure cancer. Look, if there's gonna be any unfinished business for me by the end of the year, I've got to have at least one impossible goal to make the others more obtainable, right?

Okay, that's enough for now. Time to actually get to work on some of these goals, dammit!

(yeah, I'm starting a few days early; I'll need every bit of help I can get....)

Happy Holidays,

S. J. McCrae


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