Monday, January 19, 2009

Israel: I Just Can't Say FUCK YOU Enough

I've been swamped with work lately and too busy to venture near this resurrected blog for two weeks, but I need to leave a quick word after seeing something just jaw-dropping a few minutes ago while taking a much-needed work break.

Thanks to a link from a militantly pro-Israel news source called (sorry, not in the mood to link to these scumbags so google it yourself) I got to see a clip on youtube from Israel's "popular Eretz Nehederet comedy show satirizing foreign media coverage of the Gaza conflict."

Well, already I was intrigued. Was there really any foreign media covering this "conflict" (not "invasion", of course)? The last I heard foreign journalists were being kept out of the area and were protesting Israel for the right to report from the scene of the crime. Here's a piece describing the usual moral cowardice of the Jew York Times in castigating Israel while also claiming the moral high-ground.

Maybe Olmert gave them a phone call like he did President Bush -- but if so, he hasn't openly bragged about that one yet.

Anyway, here's a link to that youtube video I mentioned before:

Yeah, that's pretty funny stuff making fun of Palestinians getting killed and raped and having their land destroyed. But I guess as long as Jews are able to pass for white in the overall scheme of Middle Eastern politics, they won't be the ones being portrayed as swarthy, bearded men with turbans and huge noses in U.S. political cartoons like the kind that were popular just before we invaded Iraq.

Israel: the last bastion of good taste, politically pointed humor and high-handed moralism.

Seriously, I sincerely look forward to whatever comuppance gets dealt to the kind of people who mercilessly kill and destroy any defenseless people and then denies them the proper aid or respect to rebuild themselves.

Whether that be Israel or the United States -- both of which sit at the top of the heap of leading terrorist countries in the world today.

Okay, back to work....


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