Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Welcome To The Camp

Greetings, fellow traveler, and welcome to the blog of someone who hates blogs and the people who think they are worth reading.

Last year (2005) I decided for the first time ever to chronicle the daily events of my life in a detailed diary that examined all sorts of everyday minutiae in excruciating detail. For some reason, only a few months after ending the process at the tolling-in of 2006, I missed those daily entries and now want to see if I can continue the writing process here in the public eye.

I'm a moviemaker with two completed features (SHATTER DEAD and SIXTEEN TONGUES), a freelance writer for Fangoria (and recently Sirens Of Cinema), an embryonically emerging music composer and otherwise unemployed parasite on America's tax dollars at the moment -- though I'm struggling to establish myself as a videographer and editor in the professional realm in the hopes of being able to make enough money to not have to return to doing corporate work for a little while.

As you know nothing about me, I will do my best to fill you in on the details of my current living situation (always worth a joke or two) and how it has been shaped by the course of the last 39 years of existence as this blog (hopefully) grows on a semi-daily basis.

So thanks for tuning in if you've somehow stumbled across this page and check back soon for all sorts of movie industry gossip, political rantings and ravings and the occasional moment of accidental serendipity. Thanks!

-Scooter McCrae